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Re: RC: conditioning

Some horses have a small sweet spot where the girth electrode can go without
picking up "motion modulation."  That is an incorrect reading because the
motion of the horse's side against the electrode is raising the output of the
sensor and giving a false reading of the heartrate. On the two horses I have
quite a few miles on them I could not get them above 190 on a 2 mile long
hard gallop up a hill in deep sand footing. I'm a heavyweight so I will see a
higher heartrate than lighter weights.

However, if you stop and it is still 198 after 10 minutes and that is a real
reading then you should think about backing off. The first thing to do is to
determine if the monitor is responding correctly. The easiest way todo
determine if it is real is to take the pulse at one of the pressure points or
carry a stethoscope.


Rides 2 Far wrote:

> > Hi everyone,
> > I am new to the world of endurance and am in the process of
> > conditioning
> > my horse. . Her heart rate > went> upto 214 and did not come down to
> 198 for about 10 minutes. > huffingand puffing after the 30 minute
> trotting climb.

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