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Re: Men in tights...

Two suggestions, Tim --

The old time Tevis riders rode in jeans, with pantyhose under them.  You
could ride in your $13 comfy Wal-Mart Rustler jeans over a pair of any old
tights or pantyhose that would fit.  The other suggestion is go to a ride
with lots of riders and see what the guys are wearing - then ask them!  I
think most of the tights makers fit men as well as women.  Just ask.  Some
will make to measurement.

Joan Dowis

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Subject: RC: Men in tights...

> Ok guys...I hear tights are the way to go when it
> comes to endurance.  All these magazines and website
> mostly list tights for women.  Any advise on what us
> men should wear for comfort?  What brands are guys
> using?  I'm assuming I'll need riding tights for my
> best comfort and performance over the long fast miles.
>  Since my wife said I wouldn't make it 25+ miles in my
> extremely comfy $13 Wal-Mart Rustler jeans...I love
> these jeans.
> Tim
> Sings the song from Mel Brooks version of Robin Hood
> "We are men....we're men in tights...TIGHT tights"
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