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Excuses when you fall/bucked off your horse

Okay its to early in the morning for I thought I would sit here and 
pound away at the puter since we seem to have a few lists going. Steph 
(forgive me mother for I have sinned I have gone off the subject......)I had 
to do it!
If you have ever been riding with a buddy and you get thrown or accidentally 
fall off here are some great excuses for you to proclaim to avoid 
embarassment. Very useful if you have been known to brag about your 
excellent riding skills
1)Darn saddle maker put the eject buttton to close to the seat warmer 
button! name exclusive saddle maker.
2)Did I have my toes tucked in that forward summersault with a twist?
3)quickly return to your horse and look them over as if some ill fated 
injury has over come them and say oh I am sooo sorry sweetie...wrong cue 
wrong cue! then proclaim some bogus dressage test the horse won and exclaim 
he has to high pasterns for dressage.
4)get up yell whooohooo we are feeling the oats today! get back on and ride 
like hell the pain will numb after a while.
5)Blame it on some nutrient...asophilobiticousmusephilious that you are 
feeding that is helping his metavertaumbilihumerosteorumathorac illness he 
has had. The longer the word the more serious it sounds.
6)New saddle
7)New pad
8) new saddle and new pad
9) new feed
10) New hay
11) new hay and feed
12) to much newness for him
13)accidentally spilled some of your expresso in the feed this morning and 
he just gobbled it up.
14)Look at your horse and say you are absolutely right I need to walk for a 
while..after all he IS your workout buddy!
15)Working on your vaulting lesson.
16)a bumble bee stung you.
17) working on your accidental fall emergency route
18) don't get up instead look dazed and confused and if the rider dismounts 
look at them and say...I see a bright shiny light..ohhh pretty!
19)don't get up if rider tries to assist shoo them away..claim your training 
your horse for CPR and emergency rescues.
20)Reaching for your water bottle and your cheap girth slipped. your good 
girth is at the dry cleaners.
21)seat warmer or A/C unit shorting out.
22)Changing CDs in your 5 disk CD changer it shorted
23)What you don't fall asleep sometimes. Claim Narcolepsy.
24)Had to pee.
And the last and final....

Carla (can't sleep)
Ansata (you wonder where she got these <eg>)
Haley (I would never throw my daddy!)
Rob (id kill her!)
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