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Fwd: Standardbreds in Endurance; Gaited Arabians

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Correct me if I'm wrong,  but  I think Fadwah's Renegade (2nd at Tevis
1989, and 6th at Tevis 198?) is 1/2  Arab - 1/2  Standardbred.  Also,
Ann Wren's horse, "LP Pocket", is all or part Standardbred, I think.
And "Pandora's Pixey"  (a mare I bred, raised, trained & rode 1000 miles
before I sold her) is probably part Standardbred.  (I owned her dam, and
suspect that she was part Standardbred.)
"Pandora" is still out there doing super on the endurance trail, at age

Gaited Arabians date back at least to a horse named Riselleta (sp?),
from what I've read.  I'll have to dig out the article I have from an
old issue of "Arabian World",
which stated that Riselleta was 5-gaited.  My gelding, Raffalin, traces
back to Riselleta, and I swear he has at least one other gait than the
usual 3.  He can go into a flying trot sort of thing that is so smooth I
can't post to it, and is so incredibly fast other horses have to canter
to keep up.  (Of course, he's "semi-retired" now, but can still pull
that gait out of his bag of tricks when he wants to!) 
"Good Horses Make Short Miles" @

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