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Re: Red Rock Ride "Pamnetus"

Actually there was another ride on that same weekend - Chamberlain Creek. First time it had been held in a number of years. Having all three rides on the same weekend affected all three rides. Unfortunately, when dealing with property owners, be they private or government, there isn't always any choice as to what dates are available.
Barbara's option would have been to say no, you can't put on your ride because the date is already taken. I really don't think that any of us would want that to happen. Barbara does advise RMs when there is a conflict with another ride close by, but again what if there are no other dates available from the property owners???????
Sandi, Lassen Challenge, wasn't going to put on an other ride either for the same reason - low attendance, but by taking an active role and speaking with Sandi and Barbara, a solution for this year's rides was worked out. This will be the 20th year for Lassen Challenge.
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Subject: RC: Red Rock Ride "Pamnetus"
The last year we did the Gardnerville ride, our SAR group voted not to
continue to do the ride because it was not profitable.  A mistake was made
in the sanctioning of another ride (the Mt. Lassen ride) on the same date,
and caused us to lose enough entries to make the ride not profitable. (both
rides attendance were down)   If not for that mistake, they may have voted
to continue to do the ride.  Those two rides (Gardnerville and Mt. Lassen)
are a considerable distance.  Carol's new ride and Potato's are _much much_
closer together and if somebody is going to go thru all the effort and work
of doing a new ride they should have every opportunity to succeed.  Carol
is new to RM and may not understand that the difference in only 20 entries
can make or break a ride.

>is good.  And besides, if you have a solution to the problem, let's hear it.

Why not sanction it the same weekend as Tevis or Swanton?  Then she
wouldn't be competing for all the 50 mile riders.

Carol knows I am not trying to be discouraging and knows I support her and
Steve's efforts.  I thought it was a great idea for them to do a ride. I
just don't want to have them get discouraged if they don't get very many
entries.  I want them to be successful.

Next summer several riders (in fact, a large portion of the people who were
in last years point standings) are going to be gone on the 2001 XP, which
will reduce attendance to the rides anyway.  Isn't it better for people to
know what they are up against?


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