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Re: Re: Re: Conditioning Tips/Schedules for The Full Time Worker

> Well you clearly didn't read the whole post which goes to say "Arena work
> very good for a lot of things, but I would be suspect that basic
conditions is
> not one. "
> make it. It's sort of like Michael Johnson spending all his time in the
> room and on the ballet floor to train for the Olympics. Won't work.

I'm quite literate, but thanks for asking.  My interpretation of 'basic
condition' goes beyond simply cardiovascular, which is a piece of cake to
attain compared to bone, tendon and ligament.  Done correctly, good arena
work, and access to a a very short stretch of hard ground can and will
condition a horse *physically* (though not mentally or experience-wise) for
a completion-speed 50.  Seen it done, done it myself.

And since my brother is an ex-NBA center, I'm pretty familiar with what it
takes to make one of those as well.

Susan G

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