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Re: Conditioning Tips/Schedules for The Full Time Worker

This is quite an interesting discussion and one close to my heart. I dont
know about 1 hours arean work  equaling two hours trail.I can see where it
stems from though as in humans 1 hrs circuit training or multi Gym works
supposed to equal about 1 1/2 to 2 hours jogging.

Persoanally  I would think 1 hours arena work pretty much can equal 1 hours
good quality trail ride in terms of exercise if you think about it
logicaly - particulalry if you add in jumps and cantering. Plus if you
consider that the impact on limbs of concussion is miminised if , like me,
most your 'trails' are on tarmac its maybe not such a bad swap!

I am restricted to arena work mid week and trail rides at the weekend. My
horse managed upto 40 miles last season but Id really be pushing him
unfairly to ask for much more than that without using the arena say 4 times
mid week ( to expensive at 8 per hour approx $11.50 to use!). I guess its
down to whats available to riders. I really envy those with miles of tracks
and country side to ride , but I dont belive that distance work is outside
the scope of a clever towny!


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> At 07:49 PM 1/27/01, Irene M Burnett wrote:
> >40 minutes of arena work can easily equal 2 hrs. on the trail!
> I'd like to believe this but somehow it doesn't quite wash for me.  Maybe
> if a person spent the two hours on the trail poking along at a shuffle...
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