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Fw: Sports Saddle Questions

 Hi gang,

 Do any of you ride in Sports Saddles and have you ever had troubles with
loin rubbing?  I didn't have this trouble on Blue but since I've been riding
Kodi this year he has started loin rubbing from my saddle.  I don't want
another saddle so do you all know of any way to fix this?  I ride with a
triple thick woolback pad all the time too.  I was thinking on adding skitto
inserts but I hate to because so far Kodi's back hasn't sored up like it
used to a couple years ago and he has just started rubbing so it isn't bad
yet.  I seem to remember Lucy Trumball using a back cinch but I'm not sure
Kodi would go for that.  Any ideas?

                                    Cheryl Newbanks
  ~~~          ~~  ^ ^        SW Region
  ~~~\      _~~/  /\ /        Litchfield Park, AZ
         (   ) _ _   ) ' '
         / /          \ \
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