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Re: RC: Keratex hood hardener P.S.

Crossapol is a crosslinked aldehyde polymer.  According to a brochure I have,  it "helps bond the protein (or keratin, which is responsible for making the hoof strong) molecules together."

The product also contains aluminum chloride, formalin, glycerol, ethanol, merthiolate, iodine and methanol.

It is distributed by Delta Horseshoe Co. in Calif., 916/624-718.


"Barbara B. Peck" wrote:

Amanda:Forgot to mention, that since Keratex is a proprietary formula, they won't release thecross-linking formula. They suggest cleaning the hoof with acetone as a de-greaser(if oiling agents have been applied to the hoof, Keratex will not penetrate). I THINK but am not sure, there's another similar agent pronouncedCrossapol.. but don't know the exact spelling. Barb 

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