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Conditioning for a 100

This year I plan on trying a one day 100.  I'm clueless on how to condition for this.  I have done a number of 50's and always top ten (I'm still holding him back).  Where he seems to excel is in the vet check.  His pulse is down as I walk in and we can immediately go to the P & R.  The problem I have is he's very lazy at home.  I use competitive rides as training rides for the 50's.  Thank God he's very competitive at a ride.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I'm going to Georgia for the Oconee Endurance ride in Feb.  I ride him 3 times a week.  Wednesdays I do just hill work, Saturday is a short ride and Sunday I do 20 miles.  He acts like I'm killing him, so I'll put the heart monitor on and if I can get it over 120 I'm lucky.  Except of course when we pass cows, then it sky rockets.  

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