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Re: RC: promoting hoof growth and hardening hooves

hi amanda,  Biotin is about the only thing I know for sure will promote hoof 
growth.  It should also have zinc and methionine, which your formula does.  
I'm a little uncertain how 250mcg equates to mg.  I think 2.5 mg?  This seems 
awful low, as the formula I feed has 15 mg per ounce.  It's also important to 
realize that the amounts of nutrients listed on the label are based on 
feeding a certain amount of the supplement.  Is 1 oz the recommended amount?  
Benefits of adding biotin will not be seen for up to a year, as it takes that 
long for hoof to greow out from the coronary band.

Another thing to consider is that its WINTER!  and horses' feet don't grow as 
fast in the winter.  If you are riding a lot, you may be keeping his feet 
worn off.  It doesn't sound as if they are all that short, you may want to 
look at some of the barefoot sites that have been mentioned in the past month 
or two, look for Darolyn Butler's posts in the Archives.  Some sites have 
pictures.  Not sure I am totally for the "natural" and "barefoot" stuff 
myself, but there is a lot of good to be said for paying VERY close attention 
to your horses' feet, and working closely with the best farrier you can find. 

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