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Re: Re: promoting hoof growth and hardening hooves

 false sole?  Never heard of this.  Please xplain.

---- On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Michelle Fink 
( wrote:

> Sandy wrote
> > Are you sure they are not growing???  Could they be growing 
> > wearing off as fast as they grow??
> I agree with what Sandy wrote as a first thought...  Our 
horses are on
> rocky
> soil and they never grown much extra hoof wall.  Their toes 
are always
> about
> sole level (walls are level with the toe callous).  I rarely 
have to
> trim
> hind feet, and fronts only need minor rasping to keep the 
sides from
> flaring
> out a bit.
> Or is it possible that Cy's building up a false sole?  One of 
our horses
> does this, then sheds off the whole sole in a couple of thick 
> Michelle
> (Colorado)

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