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another question....

... what can I say - it's a slow day at work ;-)

  Due to logistics,  I often ride as soon 1/2 hr after my horse 
is done eating (2 lbs 10% sweet feed + a couple of lbs chopped 
forage + Mega Mag suppl + 1 cup corn oil).  Is this a problem?  
I'm not talking about vigorous riding, just trail-riding, 
mostly at a walk, with some running-walk (only a few minutes at 
a time) and the very occasion minute or two of cantering thrown 
in.  I'd say about 75% of each ride is spet at a walk, with my 
rides runnign about 2 - 4 hours totalIn addition tot he meal 
described above, he gets about 1/2 bale of hay per day and is 
on 24 hr turn-out.  
  I recall reading somewhere in ridecamp that the old 'never 
ride a horse until an hour (or 2) after it's fed' line is a 
myth, but I can't find the post.

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