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promoting hoof growth and hardening hooves

  My horse has good feet (no chips, cracks or stone-bruising), 
but he is barefoot now and his feet are not growing at all. His 
hoof walls are worn to the sole at the toe, front and back.  I 
use easy boots in front, and will probably need to get some for 
in back as well since his rear feet are worn too.

I currently feed about 2 lbs 10% sweet feed and 1 oz Mega Mag 
per day (nutritional info for Mega Mag follows) plus hay and 
chopped forage.  He is on %100 turn-out (field board).  Is 
there any supplment or dressing that will promote hoof growth 
and/or harden hooves?  Also, someone recommneded provodine 
iodine to harden hooves - anyone know anything about this?

Mega Mag:
Live Microbials (Probiotics) 1.5 x 108 oz. Stable to 180 (I 
billion, 500 million) 
Vitamin A 520,000 USP* Vitamin C 1000 mg 
Vitamin D3 40,000 USP Vitamin K 16 mg 
Vitamin E 1000 USP Niacin 4000 mg 
Thiamine (B-1) 800 mg Choline 4000 mg 
Riboflavin (B-2) 640 mg d-Calcium   
Pyridoxine (B-6) 200 mg Pantothenate 200 mg 
Biotin 250 mcg Folic Acid 24 mg 
Vitamin B-12 64000 mcg     
Calcium 14,000 mg Magnesium 1800 mg 
Phosphorus 11000 mg Manganese 650 mg 
Iron 3200 mg Zinc 1000 mg 
Copper 130 mg Iodine 20 mg 
Cobalt 20 mg Selenium 3.6mg 
Potassium 800 mg     
Amino Acids 
Lysine 3,800 mg Phenylalanine 3,900 mg 
Methionine 1,150 mg Valine 4,000 mg 
Histidine 1,650 mg Isoleucine 3,500 mg 
Arginine 4,000 mg Leucine 5,500 mg 
Threonine 3,100 mg Trytophane 1,200 mg 
Potassium Chloride 400 mg 
Magnesium 12,000 mg 
Calcium Lactate 600 mg 

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