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Re: RC: trailer wires

At 02:29 PM 1/28/01, Anita Carlson wrote:
So I'm taking a poll.   has anyone else seen this and is it safe and if not what can you do to make it safe.

I haven't seen that.  The wires in my old stock trailer run along where the "ceiling" and the wall of the trailer meet, and are exposed but kind of tacked in with little thingies that keep them in place.  There's a technical description for you.  The wires in my Sooner run inside conduits for most of the way, and are exposed other places, again held in place by plastic thingies, but there is no exposure at all in the horse compartment.  Are you actually saying that the wires are on the *roof* of the trailer?  Considering how many times branches have scraped along my trailer roofs (ripping off or poking holes in skylights sometimes) I'd wonder about that placement.

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