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Re: RC: Horse Trailer

Where did you get the idea the heavier axle would injure your horse? In 
fact, the weaker axle will have a tendency to bottom out against the frame, 
bending the axle, and becoming a solid jolt instead of a springy jolt. Don't 
forget the trailer weight is also figured in the load. Brakes are also sized 
to the axle weight rating, so the 5000 would have bigger brakes. In our 
experience rebuilding trailers, the WW makes a good sound trailer, although 
their finish work can be a little rough. (Don't clean welds, take a good 
look at the paint job, etc.). All things considered we'd take the WW over 
the Logan.
Monte Mitts
CIW Trailers

>Subject: RC:  Horse Trailer
>Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 23:03:09 EST
>Does anyone have experience with either one of these brands of trailers and
>what is the opinion on each choice. The first is a 99 WW 3horse slant load
>gooseneck Horsemans Dream for $5000 used. The second choice is a Logan 2H
>slant load gooseneck for 9400.00 new. What is the feeling out there 
>a 5000lb axle on the three horse only carrying one horse versus a 3500lb 
>on the two horse carrying one horse? These two trailers are the best choice
>for us out there but we do not want to risk injury to the horse with the
>heavier axle if it makes that big a difference. The used trailer is 4500
>dollars cheaper but may not be worth it. Thanks for the help!
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