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Fw: Conditioning Tips/Schedules for The Full Time Worker

> At 07:49 PM 1/27/01, Irene M Burnett wrote:
> >40 minutes of arena work can easily equal 2 hrs. on the trail!

I can't agree with this.  Unless, like Lif said, the 2 hours on the trail is
walking.  But at best you could only hope for cardiovascular equality.  You
can't get the same benefit for tendon/ligament/bone development without the
uneven terrain.  Last summer I tried to use arena work (serious dressage
work, 1 hour sessions) in place of trail work -- it didn't work out very
well.  So I'm moving my horse to a place where I can easily access trails
and my priority will be spending adequate time on them.  I work full time
too so I know it's difficult.  I've just accepted that winter conditioning
is very limited with daylight/weather/footing problems and hope to go to
rides later in the year.


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