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Needing expertise from 100 milers

Erica DeVoti
Having completed 50's in decent shape, I am looking to complete my first
100 miler and am asking for advice from experienced 100 milers.  What can
I expect from my horse?  Do many horses act like they want to quit at that
kind of mileage?  Do they act like they they don't want to go out again,
and then pick up and finish just fine?  What do horses act like at the vet
checks--do many say "I'm not trotting any more?"  What type of horses are
better suited to that type of mileage in your personal experience--lazy
types or those with lots of go?  I'm looking for anything you would like
to share about your experiences with your horse in that type if
mileage--racing or just finishing to complete.  I am sure there are as
many different answers as there are people--I am just hoping to prepare
myself for what kind of things I can expect.  I certainly put my horse
first and would pull if things didn't seem right, so I'm not looking for a
flame.  Thank you in advance.

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