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Getting started in endurance

Hi, I am new at this.  I do not know anything about this.  From the
information i have read, i can understand some of it, but others is far to
technical when it comes to the heart beats and the plans for getting a
horse ready.  I own a 13.2hh 1/2 arab/1/2 welsh cob mare.  And she loves
to go, but she is 17 going on 18 for 2002.  I have just started riding her
since she had her foal in june(she had a lot of difficulties) Today(nov
42/01)  I toke her on a ride, i rode 3 miles, at a walk, trot, and 2 small
canters.  Before i left on my ride, her heart beat was 30, when i returned
and wated 10 minuets, she was 48 heart beats.  The ride toke us 50 minuets
all together. Can anyone suggest a plan that i could work my horse on.  I
want to try the maple ridge event?  I also wanted to know if anyone lived
in chilliwack and did endurance.  If anyone can help me, i would really
love it.  thanks so much, sarah.

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