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RE: Letter French Federation to FEI

As told to Bob, what I said is not my opinion, so please use 'they... for
the frenchies'  or 'he... for cazes' in place of 'you'.

If I find the time next week, I will give a call to Cazes and make sure I
understood well (I'm qite sure I did or I'm really becoming old :-).

That said, I don't undestand well why you disagree with the idea of
nominating a well experienced 'chef de piste' (circuit manager), a guy who
knows endurance, who is internationaly knwon, who is far from any business
or politic interests. This manager would draw a circuit with 'endurance' in
mind with enough difficulties, etc... look what happens in show jumping,
there is also a 'chef de piste'.

Holds:  THere would be hold times, as usual. I think they claimed for
reducing the total number of vet gates (there were 6 gates at the recent EC)
and coming back to the previous system. I didn't really discuss the whole
stuff, and, like you, I must admint that I have some troubles to understand
the final reason for that.


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