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Update on Downed Horse--- where's Michel Kaplan?

Hi all
Well Hal Jr. is still very much alive. We have been able to keep the
pressure sores to a minimum--- the aluminum spray works when the sore is
on top and I got some sponge gel bandage that works great on them just
before we roll him so that he has some cushion. The only sores we are
having problems with are on the elbows and as he is sitting up more and
more (and actually, half-standing), the sores get more pressure. We have
avoided any infection-- we still have him on 10 SMZ's AM and PM with
Glen Oaks yogurt to replace the probiotics. Still turn him every 6 hours
except when he turns himself (about every third time).
He gets up and has good leg strength-- he seems to have more and more
front end control each week and has been known to crawl to his grain and
hay when he moves and we are not with him at the time to reposition his
food. He was actually fatter since the injury that he was prior to, but
I guess he realized that it made it more difficult for him to get up so
he has cut back some. Still eats, drinks and poops but looks more like a
lean race horse now. He has tremendous muscles in front from his
He got up yesterday when Stacie was repositioning the tarp (which
protects him from the rain). He sent only a couple of steps before he
lost his balance and fell down, but was able to control his front end so
that his head did not crash as it use to when he first was injured. 
He has a GREAT attitude, nickers to the other horses in the close
pasture, and begs for carrots and apples from visitors.
He reminds me now of a horse with VERY severe wobbles. I watched Michel
Kaplan cure a horse with pretty severe wobbles (of course, not as severe
as Hal's) with his nuerokinesiology. Both Mark and I feel Michel could
really help him at this point but have been unable to locate him. Does
ANYONE know where we can find him? Please let me know if you do. If you
belong to other chatrooms, would you please ask there, too? This colt is
too special to let him down-- he's trying so hard. Not even on bute
anymore as he does not act like a horse in pain--- just very little
control over his hind end. Two of our vets say that nerves can
regenerate and we still see progress weekly. So long as we can keep the
pressure sores from becoming infected and can keep him from developing
pneumonia (actually, Mark and I are more in danger of that--- we have to
stay with him during heavy rains so that the water doesn't pocket and
cave in and so the wind doesn't blow away the tarp--- he stays warm and
dry and we look like drowned rats! :-) )
then we can give him time to heal.
Thanks for any help anyone can give on locating Michel.
Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov	
(Yes, really 16.2!)

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