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indoor arena

Ok, Indian summer is now over, and I'll probably have snow on the ground til
May.  So as happens every winter, I start wishing I had an indoor arena.  I
could at least get some riding done!  I swear the weather pattern targets
every weekend for snow here.

So I've done some investigation.  Morton has some nice buildings and they
put them up, but it's just more money than I have.  I have contacted
companies that advertise huge buildings for less than $20k, but when I talk
to them, all I hear is buildings that cost more than Morton's AND I have to
put them up myself.

While snow loads are an issue, I really don't care what it looks like - an
arch style building would be fine if I can still get enough room at decent
head clearance.

So has anyone come up with a great idea or company to get an indoor arena
fairly cheaply?  And what dimensions have you used?  I was thinking 60x120,
but I think a riding instructor I went to for a while had something closer
to 50x100 which was ok once I figured out how to slow my mare down a bit!

Any ideas are appreciated!  I'd love this to go beyond a pipe dream!


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