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Re: RC: Re: Moral Dilemma / Trainers

Ridecamp is slow, this isn't endurance-related, but I will finally quit 
lurking long enough to say that as a trainer I am frequently disappointed by 
the indifference of owners toward their horses' progress while in my care.  
Example in point:  the two I currently have in for basic 
starting-under-saddle have been visited once in nearly two months by each of 
their owners. 
When I first take the horse on, I offer they can come once a week or more 
often if they wish, ride under my supervision, watch me train, etc.  I seldom 
see the owners after they drop the horse until they pick it up.  They seldom 
call to check on the horse's progress, and when I call to keep them informed, 
they sometimes take days to return the calls.  
I hate to send a green horse home to someone who has never ridden it, don't 
know what the outcome will be.  Any advice?
Kitty Longino

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