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Letter French Federation to FEI

Pierre Cazes
I think american riders can be interested to know about evolution of
endurance with FEI.
Here is a translated letter send by FFE (Federation Francaise
d'Equitation)to the FEI.

Pierre Cazes
France - Chef d'Equipe

Votre Altesse Royale,
I would like to draw your attention on my concerns about endurance. It
seems that the French Federation is not the only one in this case since
the Chefs d’Equipes of 15 countries intended to meet in 2002 in order to
prepare a proposal.My concerns are :
- the circuits of Championships
- the right and fair veterinarian controls.

I propose :
1. to officially designate a circuit manager for each championship. He/She
will has as duties to design the circuit, to define the length of the
stage in function of constraints defined by the Commission. The concept
behind this is that constraints come from ride time and not distance
between the vet gates. We have to come back to distances ranging from 30
to 40-kms, or 2 hours for the fastest.
2. concerning heart rates, each horse has to be presented with a HRM in
order to permit the jury to check the heart rate and avoid any frauds.
This will also help the vets who will not be alone to face a conscience
case, this without touching their prerogatives. A dozen of HRM’s devices
could be sufficient and can be delivered to Organising Committee for a
fair price.
3. concerning the trotting, we propose to keep the existing system (the
decision of 3 vets forwarded to an official), with one change :The
president of the jury is assisted by a vet and can, in questionable case,
ask another voting from 3 other vets. This vet would be a referee like in
tennis who would insure the same level of judgement among competitions.
To resume :
One referee (a vet) and one circuit manager…
- designated this year by the Chefs d’Equipe and only for the
- for the following years, several procedures could be defined (for
example, the federations could choice on a list of 3..4 names). As you
have understood, the objective is to make a clear separation between
technical aspects and sport policy.
Technical aspects must be entrusted to proven technicians and, if
possible, must adapt to constraints drawn by the Commission. The
Commission keeps it’s mission of sport policy.I am convinced that those
minor amendments, nevertheless essential in the substance, will avoid any
stir in this nice discipline.
Je vous prie de croire, Votre Altesse Royale, à l'expression de ma très
respectueuse considération
Jacqueline REVERDY

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