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RE: Beet Pulp

An interesting bit of history to note. This region
,Southwest Idaho, is well known for growing sugar beets. It
is a mainstay of the local farmers. We have several sugar
beet plants that produce the beet pulp as a by-product. Many
years ago there was an attempt to produce sugar beets down
in Utah a few hundred miles south of us. A plant was built
and the farmers grew the beets. There was much wonderment
when the first few crops of beets were boiled down. VERY
LIMITED SUGAR! Seems the soil and climate have a big part in
how much sugar content the beets have. Needless to say our
area still produces sugar beets and the area down in Utah
does not.

Best of luck there in SA with your venture.


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Good news from South Africa- we are getting a sugar beet
mill in the E Cape.
Plans have been approved to build a R 684 million mill, the
farmers have
been testing different varieties of Sugar Beet in the Cape
and the mill will
be ready in 2004 to begin production! So we have to only
wait 2 years and
maybe we will get some sugar beet pulp for our horses!!

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