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Moral Dilemma/slander lawsuits

You'd be amazed what people will sue over.  I sued a horse rescue operation 
here for fraud and they turned around and sued one of my clients (among 
others) in their jurisdiction for slander because my clients publicly accused 
them of fraud.  We won here (first) but I cannot practice law in California 
and the California court entered judgment against my client there for being 
guilty of slander.  Even though we had already won in Kansas showing that 
this was a fraudulent group.  Weird, huh?

Again, I'm not saying it would come to a lawsuit.  Nor am I saying this 
person should keep silent.  As I told them in a private post, just be 
prepared.  Have photos and your vet ready to back you up.  YOU have to show 
that the statements are true.  Innocent until proven guilty is a nice phrase, 
but it just doesn't work that way in real life.


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