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Re: Diatomaceous Earth-WARNING

I would want to see more info on that before being that is
widely used in gardening and horticulture and as a feed additive.  (Time to
get the search engine geared up!)  I have never had a problem using's not as fine a dust as flour.  It's almost "heavy"...not sure how
to relate that.  The biggest gripe I have is the person who is selling it on
ebay for about $7 for 22 oz. plus 5.25 for S&H when I can purchase 25#
wholesale (including S&H) for less than that!!  What a rip off!!!  FYI, the
product on ebay is called "Stewart's Long Life Organic Wormer".  If anyone
else has any info on DE, I am always open to hearing more, especially if you
can back it up with literature or research.  The ebay seller states DE is
cleared with the FDA and EPA....I am going to look for validation on that.
For those of you who maybe didn't see my original reply, I do use DE in my
feed mix and in the past have fed it free choice...the horses loved it so
much though, they gobbled it up.  Couldn't afford THAT, so it's now added to
their feed.  My "opinion" is that it has helped control parasites between
wormings but I do not believe it takes the place of worming.  My "opinion"
is based on how my horses look and feel and how well they seem to be
utilizing their feed as well as the fact that I find very few IF ANY worms
after their regular wormings.  We always seemed to have a larger worm load
than I was comfortable with, especially after their fall worming.  I do
isolate some of them and have been known to follow them around in the
pasture and check out their manure.  Other "opinions" and information are
welcome.  :)

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