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debie ekhaml
Hi Ridecampers,  Just completed the very tough Sunland
50 yesterday (7th place, sorry about the brag!)and had
a fun time on a true endurance trail.  The pulls were almost
non-existent and riders took great care of their mounts.  Trail
was marked very well (except for 1 spot thanks to the vandals,) but thanks
to Michelle Shaw who unselfishly rode down the trail
and pulled an extra ribbon and took it back to the intersection so the
rest fo the pack wouldn't get lost. The black powder shotgun blast
signifying the start was interesting to see 40+
horses squat or jump at the same instant!  Food was great and
the comraderie even better.  This was my last PS ride as I am moving and I
will really miss you guys.  Terry, Tammy, and Lynn,
Ride managers extroadinaire, Donna (you crew as well as you ride!) Theresa
and Cindy who have taught me so much about
endurance, Elfta, my farrier goddess who knows how to shoe like no
other(hope your hand is better soon and boy will Razal miss his happy
feet!) Lisa, Shel, and Amy (please come and ski!)and all the others I've
met that make going to rides that much better.  This (and a touch of
mental illness) is what keeps me
coming back for more.  To those generous few that have offered
me thier horses if I want to come over for a ride, my deepest
thanks.  I may take you up on that when I'm snowed in! Thanks
to Vicki and crew for putting on the Sunland Ride (28th year?)
and for NOT having a rock with my horses name on it!
Debbie and Razal (the California turned Colorado horse; where's my

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