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white pole update

Hi ridecampers and thanks for all your creative ideas. I now have my gelding, Bravo, walking into a "box" of white poles to eat his meals.  Every time, I move the poles an inch or so, tighter and tighter.  He is not pleased but is learning to do it anyway, occasionally snorting with  alarm.  Hunger is greater though.  It helped a lot to have his friend share the corral with him and beat him to the goodies.  Interestingly, he is not afraid of white fence, nor white pipe, and is afraid of natural wood jumping poles.   Me-thinks this gelding may have met up with some sort of dastardly trainer who used poles as some sort of torture device to induce alertness in halter horses.  Most times he is a pretty sleepy, dozy kind of guy (great for  P&R's), and may have been a tad dull for his brief halter career.     Will keep you'all posted as to when we get to the ultimate goal...cavaletti. (Not to mention the joy of riding a green horse over the step-overs leading to the narrow bridge over the deep storm drains, and onto the steep narrow cliff trail,  shivver....)   Beth

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