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Re: RC: Re: Music to ride by (or avoid)

I always sing along with the radio while I am feeding and
grooming and have also found out on the trail that it
will calm them . Guess they don't know I can't sing!!


At 02:01 PM 11/06/2001 -0700, Terry W wrote:
>I suppose you're all singing along with your riding music?  Do any of you 
>have to sing to your horses to calm them?  I had a mare that would get all 
>prancy but if I started singing she'd calm down enough to actually 
>walk.  My singing wasn't too great,  I'd find that I really didn't know 
>all the words to most of the songs I sang so I'd have to improvise here 
>and there,  but my kidneys sure thanked me!
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>Subject: RC: Music to ride by (or avoid)
>One of my favorites is "Don't Fence Me In", by Willie Nelson.
>Let me ride thru the wide open country that I love.......
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