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Music to ride by

carla lawson
We are one By Kiss off the Psycho Circus CD
This is a great travel song as well..its about
growing up and realizing that you have dreams you kind of put back as a
child but waking up one day and realizeing that you can do them again.
Its about unity and the things that bring people together such as music.
Its a great song..not a hard metal type either..
There is also
Nothing Else Matters
by Metallica
These are really good hard rush songs that will pep you up get you moving!
There was someone who created a Horse CD with all the horsey songs on
it..IE Let that pony run, horse with no name, run for the roses.
anyone want to add thier collections?
If I have to sing on my own I go to the gospel songs..I remember them and
they are easy.
Carla (just popped my Cletus T Judd in the cup holder here)
Ansata *on vacation from mom*
Haley *was smacked on nose for getting friendly with the person feeding
her today.. as I was told on the phone*
Rob *playing PS2*

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