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Re: Unbroke 5 year old Arab to old to break?

> S. Taylor
> I am thinking about buying a 5 1/2 year old arab mare that is halter
> broke, lunges, etc. but has never been saddled/bridled.  Is an arab this
> age too old to break to ride?

Heck, no!  That's just the perfect age!  We rarely start any younger than 4,
and I've started mares as late as their mid-teens.  One that I started at
age 13 many many years ago went on to do over 2000 AERC miles and did over
1000 of those miles when she was 19, doing 18 rides and Top Tenning 17 of
them.  By 5, an Arab is finally mature enough to have a good attention span
and be able to go right to work getting a good base, so they aren't as apt
to get bored.


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