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Re: RC: North? South?

Title: Re: RC: North? South?
Obviously you have been mislead my friend. The war isn't over yet!

Tennessee huh? You must be right on the fence line. Be careful you may fall southward and be forever one of us gentile ladies. And I promise we won't hold it against you for longer than a billy goats life span.

Why my Grandmother, bless her heart, even had a daughter-in-law, Lilly, from up North and she swore that she never could understand a word that girl said!  Lilly said when she went home to visit her family - They couldn't understand a word she said! So obviously we must have had some good influence on her vocabulary. Wouldn't you say?

LOL - This is scandalously fun.

In the heart of Dixie

In a message dated 11/6/2001 10:31:20 AM Central Standard Time, writes:
However we can't figure out why those yanks keep
coming????and staying? and complain about being here? how backwards we
are. etc. etc. etc.

Hey Carla

      It's because the north beat the south, and, as such, feel the need to educate/improve the south.  LOL LOL

Linda S.
Memphis, TN

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