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Re: RE: MCL Repair

Title: RE: MCL Repair
Hi Kathy: Am I to understand your ACL is still missing? Have you had it repaired? I'm a candidate in the near future for a knee and ACL which is also separated. Any info. available.
Thx. Steven
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From: Kathy Mayeda
To: Carolyn Burgess ;
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 11:42 AM
Subject: RC: RE: MCL Repair

I had my MCL stapled together along with an ACL arthroscopic cleanup.  It ached more than the ACL injury while healing, but itís fine now.  No problems at all.  But my MCL was repairable and my ACL is totally missing.  Iím sure itís different for everyone and how they got injured, though!


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