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RE: Insurance for shipping a just sold horse

I live in Mass and bought a horse in NC.  When I called the
insurance company, they asked me if I put any $ down. I said
yes I put on a deposit.  They told me as soon as any kind of
$ passed hands, the horse was my responsibility and I needed to
insure it.

So I did.  Did the person give you any $?  If so she/her needs
to insure the horse (you can call any insurance co) they will
tell you.

The company gave me a binder asap.  I  and I gave them a
"ship date" that horse was covered by a binder a 2 week
pierod.  Once all the $ passed hands, then I got a full
insurance policy on my new horse.

As for vetting:  You can not ship with our a
Health certificate anyway.  So the new ower has to pay for
a local vet go ahead and have the horse vetted.

But I to wanted my vet to vet the horse so I wrote up
somethings andI asked the ower to sign it.  What it was was

1.  Does the horse have moon blindess
2.  Is the horse sound
3.  Does the horse have any heart mermers
4.  Does the horse crib

There were all things I would ship the horse back for. So if I got it
and it had moonblindess or cribbed, I would have some kind of leg to
stand on if I had to go to cort to get my $ back.

But I knew as soon as the owner singed this, I belived the horse was
sound and healthy.  and my vet gave it 100% clean health.

Good Luck

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