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Heavyweight horse II

Rebecca Supinger
Hi again,
Thanks for the ideas so far for my "big" boy.  I don't think cushings is a
candidate since I rode with my vet over Sherman's gap on sunday and and
her only suggestion was lots more work and lots less(no more) feed.  I am
having such guilt feelings when feeding time comes and my buddy starts
giving me dirty looks and rattles his feeder to tell me I must have
overlooked him.  Maybe the problem is MY habit of feeding him every day.
I know we have missed some good riding weekends lately (new roof on the
house), but this has never been a problem before.  Maybe his metabolism
has slowed down since he got more than a month without a ride?  Anyways
look for me on the trails, forward my email and if you see a really pissed
off looking grey gelding who is either stuck in park or doing his best
National Finals Rodeo imitation, that will be us.  If we both survive,
look for us down south in a couple weeks.  Thanks everybody,

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