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Owyhee 5-day, SW Idaho

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   Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 09:59:19 -0800
   From: "MacFarlane, Shari" <>
Subject: RE: Owyhee Canyonlands - thanks

steph, are you planning a multiday?  when?  we have to put our vacation
requests in soon, so dates would be appreciated.  how many days?  i did 4
out of 5 at fort schellbourne xp and loved it.  thanks, shari

The 5 day ride is a go - sanctioned for October 22 - 26. As it stands now
all days will loop out of basecamp (which is our ranch) so drivers won't be
necessary. If we find some spectacular trails that we can't loop back to
camp, we may finish away from camp and then trailer back in - if so we can
probably find folks to drive horses home so you still won't need a driver.
The last day (Saturday) will also have an LD ride and trail ride though I
think we won't do the 80 - (we're not going to want to stay up till midnight
the last night). I'm really excited about this - there is soooo much trail
in this incredible country. It shouldn't be too difficult - some sand, maybe
one day we'll get you up in the high country, some rock, lots of jeep
2-track and cowtrails, some dirt road - but it's pretty open country, won't
be a lot of elevation. We're going to provide dinners every night, and maybe
lunch too. Electricity, phone, etc at base camp will make life easier.
Plenty of parking and water. I'll put a webpage together soon for pictures
and more detail.


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From: PJ Blonshine []
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 6:44 PM
Subject: Re: [PNER] Owyhee Canyonlands - thanks

Steph, My bad little computer says that "page can not
be found" at that address for the pictures of the
riders at your ride last weekend.
  Great job to you and all your help I am looking
forward to you putting on a muli day ride next season.
You sure have some  wonderful trails to ride with the
best veiws of that big desert country.
--- Steph Teeter <> wrote:
> I knew I'd forget to thanks some of the folks that
> helped... many thanks to
> Cindy Bradley who scribed for the vets all day, and
> Steve Bradley who took
> some great photos
> (
> Steph

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