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Re: RC: Gooseneck hitch questions


There is a great hitch to do this.  It all mounts UNDER the truck bed. 
Only the ball protrudes above the floor.  Even better, you can lift and
twist the ball, take it out, flip it upside down and it drops out of
sight leaving the bed flat with no protrusions. Mine works great. (Just
keep an old glove in the back of your truck to flip the ball over) :)

I just looked through all my receipts trying to find the manufacturer,
but no luck.  It's been several years and I probably filed it somewhere
by now.

Maybe someone else knows the hitch I'm referring to?  Ask about it a
place that specializes in hitches and tow equipment.

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

heidi sowards wrote:
> Hello, I really want a gooseneck but want to utilize as
> much space in the bed of the truck as possible, especially
> when not towing the trailer. Are there some options so this
> could be done more easily, or certain types of hitches that
> fold down or dissemble, or ???????????????
> thanks a bunch,
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