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Scary Board Members

I think it is really sad that some people feel intimidated about speaking to 
a member of the Board of Directors of the AERC.  Each one of us is bonded 
individually by our one great unifier—the horse, Each of us gets a thrill 
when we put a halter on a horse, when we put a foot in a stirrup, when we 
cross a finish line, and yes, when we clean a stall. Each one of us has been 
scared, elated, too hot, too cold, hungry thirsty and fallen off. All of us 
have been there, done that regardless of where or what. How could we be any 
closer? There are no dumb questions because we all started really clueless.  
If some of us pre-date you in the sport and know a bit more it is because we 
started at the bottom just as everyone does. So don't ever be afraid of any 
of them--well, maybe Maryben, but the rest are okay.  Julie Suhr

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