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Re: Panic Attack...

Yes, the old carrot tidbit really helps.


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> I too have a VERY cinchy mare and I also do all these things that have
> suggested.
> The English billets are a must. You know exactly where you are as you're
> tightenting up each hole ( I count them). Ok, honey, we're on the 5th
hole, 1
> more to go for light rides, 2 more for lots of hills....
> I take time between each hole while I lead her around with me to do other
> things...get my jacket and put it on for instance...
> I keep talking to her, petting her, reassuring her..... and I do let her
> around me in circles as I tighten.  This has really helped her to vent
> of that frustration which she used to take out on my arm---(Bitsy, you're
> H-E-R-B-I-V-O-R-E, dammit!)
> I'll also feed her a little treat each time I tighten those last three
> Between the chewing and the circles she relaxes her tummy so it's easy for
> to get to that 7th hole.  And there's no resentment.
> That's what works for us.
> Good luck!
> Kath
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