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RE: Re: Re: Re: Trouble/ Terrian

<I did hear that there has been problems with vandalism of the trail markers
the Big Horn - most likely from folks who don't want horses there - the past
couple of years. Heard this from a guy who ending up lost for a long time
because of it. What a shame.>

I don't know if it's possible  (rules and regulations in the area the ride
is held in?), but maybe instead of using ribbons, they could use spray paint
like was done for a good portion of the Outlaw Trail ride.  I thought that
was a great idea - people couldn't move it, cows couldn't eat it.  It also
made it real easy to make lots of markers without having to get off
horseback and tie a ribbon if there wasn't a tree handy.

We eventually got good at spotting white paint on aspen trees even!


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