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NC / ROC etc. debate

Sarah Seward
This is a subject that never dies, but unlike most, it keeps my interest.
I remember
how much I admired the National top ten, back in the old system, and like
and Barbara McCrary stated, I remember those people, and I can't identify
It's interesting, the criticism of "trailer races", and "bank account
races", the
way that I see it, nobody gets to the top without a lot of commitment. The
were not always financially well off in the 'old days', but they were
committed to
their goal.
I figure, they have to be today as well, to drive accross the country.
 Anyone who loves to ride in this sport, stages their own trailer race.
It's the nature
of endurance.
Living in the West, I have a lot of rides to choose from, and so I'm
lucky. There are
things that I have been interested in that I haven't done, because it
available to me, where I lived, but I never found that to be "unfair" to
me personally.
Just some thoughts. Sarah

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