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Re: RC: Heavyweight vs. Lightweights

My husband Charlie Robinson is a heavyweight rider.  Just to give you a different perspective on this.  At one ride about a year ago, it was a 3 day ride, we were on the 2nd day.  Charlie and I were in 2nd and 3rd place coming in by about 4 minutes from 1st place.  Well Charlie and his horse "Ima Liberated Lady" won the BC.  The 1st place rider shouted out "well only because he's a heavyweight".  My husband in return commented "Well, I'm sorry, but my mare DID carry 70 more pounds than your horse.  I think my mare worked for that BC, not that your horse didn't but yours won the ride and mine won the BC for looking as good as yours carrying the extra weight".  This was true, both horses did look great, but one just carried more weight than the other.  Would her horse look as good as it did carrying 70 more pounds and going that fast?  Who knows...but we do know that Charlies did.  That is part of the BC judging.
Just another note...Charlie and his mare did the next day also.  The other one did not....

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