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Tucker Saddles question

Ray O.
  My opinion is that they are indestructible saddles,well made by nice
folks that are very much students of  saddle design.Their saddles are not
my personal cup of tea,because all their models tend to put you quite some
distance from the horse both at the top and at the sides.By all means
avoid any of the many riggings they offer other than "english"-all the
others are incredibly thick and lumpy,and a guaranteed source of leg
interference/annoyance.The company has grown tremendously and is now
selling pretty much strictly through storefront retailers,which isn't
going to be helpful if you want something outside of the standard
offerings.IF you can get them to sell you one,a Tucker Montreal Trooper
Lite with an UN-padded seat and an english rigging,would be a great saddle
for most of you e-folks.

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