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caused enough trouble, yet?!

but I would > rather> compete on a sound horse who does well in 50's than
a marginal horse > in100's and maybe potentially ask him to compete
beyond his capability > and
> injure him.  My little guy means a lot to me....horses are not
> "disposable". 

I've had at least as many problems taking care of my horse in a fast 50
as in a reasonable 100.  To me blasting down hills and going too fast on
hard surfaces to top 5 in a 50 is far more likely to hurt my guy...who is
certainly not disposable...than doing a sane 100 mile pace.  Don't ever
assume that a 100 is twice as bad as a 50.  

I like 100's because they reward caution. I like them because pretty much
everybody involved has "Gotten Religion" and realizes that neither they
nor their horses are invincible. There's less "I'm going to beat you" and
more, "let's help each other get through this".  You really hope everyone
does well and try to get them through it...if for no other reason than
the fact that they may be the only person left to ride with after
dark.... which is a really cool thing and another reason I like 100's. 
I'm a cautious person so I place better in 100's than in 50's where
taking chances is less likely to get you in trouble.  None of these
reasons has anything to do with "feeling superior".

I hope to do OD, at least.....and maybe Tevis if I can afford
> it....but only if I feel I can do it on a sound horse. 

Not to pick on you here...but this bothers me.  I see it a lot.  Why on
earth would anyone *only* try the toughest darned 100's in the world?  If
you are going to do a 100 with your horse...start out at the Longleaf in
Mississippi and let him get the idea that he's going to be out there for
awhile before you throw Sherman's Gap at him.  Bragging rights aren't
worth that.

>Heather's > horse> Red "smoked 'em" at the PAN AM...but didn't do all
that well at the> NCR.  Some horses are great on a "flat track", but just
can't handle > thehills.  The rider is also a factor. If you can get off
and run with > your
> horse, or tail him up a hill, etc....all are contributing factors. 

Hey...Heather's Red did BOTH rides...UP FRONT within 7 weeks!  That's an
incredible accomplishment...and for gosh sakes don't insinuate *that*
horse doesn't do hills!  (BC at Tevis ring a bell?...1st & BC at PAC with
14,000 ft. elevation gain)   Get the feeling looking at Heather that she
could outrun most of us...but with a horse like that you'd be stupid to
get off.  By the way...wasn't he third?  You call that "Not doing all
that well?"

I will be at the NC next year, Good Lord willin and the creek don't rise.
 Cindy, you're welcome to stay over at my place too...and I promise not
to mention the humidity. >g<


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