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Re: RC: Annual Meeting/BOD List

The board meets almost continually throughout the convention, that's why you 
don't see them much. The year I went I also sat in on some of those other 
meeting, but they were in small rooms without much extra seating. The public 
is also not allowed to speak except at the open session. More round table 
discussions might be nice, but I'm not sure where they'd fit in with all the 
other business they need to cover.
In the central region we have our own convention, usually just prior to the 
national convention. Our directors let us know what issues are going to be 
discussed & we discuss them so our directors get our input.

Nancy Mitts

>From: Jim Holland <>
>To: Kathy Mayeda <>, Ridecamp <>
>Subject: RC:   Annual Meeting/BOD List
>Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 18:21:09 -0500
>Have you EVER been to a meeting?  I went last first
>Convention...and I wasn't ABOUT to miss the Board meeting.  It's very
>"formal" with all the directors on a raised stage above us, with a
>microphone in the middle of the aisle so people can come up and
>"address" the board. The "atmosphere" is not at all conducive to a
>"discussion" of issues with the membership. It's not a two way thing. I
>speak in public all the time at business shows, in front of hundreds of
>people...but I would have been reluctant to step up in front of all my
>peers and the Board and express my views in that environment.  I could
>do it...but I wouldn't like it.  It's gotta be REALLY scary for people
>who aren't used to public speaking. It was obviouos that the members who
>did speak were nervous! :) I don't know how the "Supreme Court" conducts
>business, but that's the "mental image" I got.
>I would like to see the BOD offer the opportunity to those few who are
>willing and can afford to attend the Convention to do some "Round Table"
>Discussions".  Give the general membership the opportunity to "Meet the
>Board Members" and frankly discuss issues that the members feel are
>important. There was a comment last year...somewhere...fergit
>now...maybe on Ridecamp...about the BOD meetings being "poorly
>attended". Hmmm...I can see why.
>I would even agree to keeping the "formal" approach...but afterwards,
>BOD, could you come down to the floor, introduce yourself, and mingle
>with us? Ask questions..."What do you think about"...go out of your way
>to offer your hand, listen as long as someone is willing to talk. Last
>year, I was looking, looking, looking to "meet" members of the Board.
>Got to talk to Barbara McCrary several times (nice lady), but just
>casual conversation. Saw Merryben for a moment, but she was busy and I
>didn't get to meet her. Got to meet Barney (even took a picture of him
>and Susan G. Gonna blackmail them with it next year) <grin> Know Diane
>and Jerry Fruth because got to ride with them a couple of times, and
>know the SE people, but beyond that it seemed that none of the directors
>"mingled". They did not go out of their way to "press the flesh". <grin>
>Maybe it was just me, maybe it was a perception, perhaps I was in the
>wrong place at the wrong time, but I REALLY tried. The meeting ended and
>everybody was "outta there".
>How about a "reception" afterwards for a couple of hours....hosted by
>the BOD? That should improve attendance! Not only do we want you to know
>our views, but we would like to hear yours. It's the only time you have
>a cross section of the membership available in person.
>"Attending" the meeting ain't gonna' get it, Bob Morris.  There has to
>be the opportunity for dialog with the board....otherwise, just send
>your Director an Email....much more effective, and hopefully, you will
>get a reply.
>Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
> > Kathy Mayeda wrote:
> >
> > I was the one who posted that I was working a booth.  It was my choice
> > Ė I could have attended  the Annual Meeting if I wanted to.  Iím sure
> > thatís true of a lot of people who were at the venue that weekend.
> > Meetings are not that interesting for everyone.
> >
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