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Hi All
I am sorry to be a pain but someone wrote some stuff about Garlic and
anemia a while ago and I thought I had kept it on file. I can't find it
anywhere and was wondering if the person who wrote it could send it to
me again? You see my friend is giving her horse garlic (has done all his
life she tells me, he is 4) and when the acorns started to fall I
stopped garlic because I thought it caused anemia and would not help his
liver much if he was eating the acorns at all. She increased hers and
the vet said that was fine and to carry on. Her horse has now got anemia
again (he had it in the spring)so I was hoping to read the letter about
it again and maybe show it to her if it was OK with the person who had
writen it.

Cherry (UK)

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