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BC at NC ride

I am not personally a fan of Meridith's training books.  She also has some
tapes but again....  maybe I know her too well to be impressed.  I would
suggest using Pat Parelli's methods.  He has excellent video's and seminars.
His methods work very well with mules.   I hope we get to meet at some of
the rides and I can show you some of the things I have taught Rudy through
the use of Parelli methods.

There is also a mule clinician by the name of Brad Cameron.  He is
exclusively a mule clinician.  He is the best in the business.  If you need
a phone number to order video tapes of his, let me know and I will email you
some info.  May be able to find his web site by searching for Cameron and
mules.  (Not to be confused with Craig Cameron (horse clinician).

If you study Pat Parelli and Brad Cameron you will have your mule
cooperating with you better than most of the horses out there.

Good Luck with Chocolate and thanks for the kudos!!!!!
Cindy and Rudy

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Subject: BC AT NC RIDE

> Dear Cindy and Rudy,
> Congratulations on your Best Condition award at the NC ride in Ky.  My
> husband and I did the 50 at Summer Breeze over much the same trails.  It
> was hot, humid, rocky, muddy, boggy and because of all that, very tough
> and technical.  Cindy, you and Rudy will go far.
> I have an 18 month old molly mule named Chocolate.  She was imprint
> trained at birth.
> Her mom is 3/4 TB & 1/4 Percheron.  I have the Meridth Hodges book on
> training donkeys and mules.  My experience is with training horses &
> dogs.  Is M.H.'s book a good place to start?  Can you tell me any other
> good sources of
>  information?
> Peggy in Florida & Chocolate

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