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Re: RC: RE: Dealing Responsibly with Injured People

Most states have some sort of good Smaritan law. In some places in FL there is a
charge for a 911 response by the paramedics. In general the problem is sticky
since you cannot force someone to seek or accept medical help. If the RM calls
the paramedics and the injured person refuses then the RM will probably be stuck
with the bill.

If I were an RM with a belligerent injured person that refused medical attention
and insisted on driving, I would call 911 and summon the Sheriff. While the RM
cannot legally keep the person from driving away, the Sheriff can if he/she
determines the person is not fit to drive.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that.


beth glover wrote:

> Hi Truman; It is good to hear this discussion because lots of times folks
> dont talk about these things.  I know that in the state of California (not
> knowing where you live, or what your laws are), we have a strong "Good
> Samaritan Law".

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