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Re: Dealing with injured people

I also had a woman get hurt at my ride last year and I wasn't informed of it until much later. I think it is a good question to ask a lawyer. Even though most of the time, people sign waivers and in some states we  have the zero liability law it is still open for a lawsuit. Plus, what if this lady at your ride attempted to drive and then passed out at the wheel? Even if you are not legally responsible, are you morally responsible? Could you be held liable, as a bartender who continues to serves drinks and knows the person is impaired and yet lets them drive home? I don't know, but I will sure find out before my next ride. Maybe included in the waiver it should read that ride management also has the right to insist on medical treatment. Is that possible? I don't know. If it is held on public land, can the rangers, managers or whoever is responsible for the land insist on sending someone to the hospital? I don't know. I am sorry that happend at your ride but I am glad you brought it up. It is something worthwhile looking into. Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm

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